Shoe Traction System, Stop Slipping, Top SELLER, With Shoe Scuff

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Shoe Traction System, Stop Slipping, Top SELLER, With Shoe Scuff More info
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Manufacturer Description

Great for Basketball traction and volleyball traction. Stop slipping on the court. Help your shoes grip using our patented shoe scuff - actually removes old rubber from your shoes creating ultimate traction. Customize with your Team logo - we made it easy. Removes dust and dirt from shoes. Includes sticky mat with 30 sheets. Our replacement sheets are the highest quality and the lowest price. This is a best seller among indoor teams. The best traction system in the market only by StepNGrip

Product Features

Our most popular traction board with exclusive Shoe Scuff (patent pending). Highest quality board is hot molded with anti slip rubber back. If you want our company to apply your Permanent Custom Logo you must search Amazon for this StepNGrip item. Our EXCLUSVIE Shoe Scuff actually removes old rubber -- shoes stick like new again. Rub your shoes soles on abrasive pad. Board Size 18" x 21", Sheets size 15" x 18". Lasts a lifetime - Highest Quality. Includes 30 sticky sheets - replacement sheets only $29.95 for 60 sheets Customize your own board. Print 8.5 by 11 inch paper. Place under sticky sheets. EASY!

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